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From huts to houses and everything between

We specialise in creating unique, sustainable spaces that range from huts to houses and everything in between.  

Our commitment to using locally sourced, eco-friendly materials ensures that every project not only meets the highest standards of quality but also respects and protects our environment. Join us in building a greener, more sustainable future, one project at a time.

Shepherd hut sketch
Garden Room sketch
Bespoke plans

A look inside

Committed to Sustainability

We prioritise materials that are grown and manufactured in the UK to support local economies and reduce transportation emissions. Our use of natural materials, such as sheep wool insulation and eco-friendly paints, helps to create high-quality, energy-efficient structures. By avoiding harmful chemicals and plastics, we ensure that our builds are safe for both people and the environment.

UK map

We prioritise the use of local materials , reducing transportation emissions and supporting UK industries

Our use of natural insulation ensures superior thermal regulation and breathability

sheep symbol

We use clay based, toxin-free, eco-friendly paints that contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

eco paint

Our high levels of airtightness significantly enhances energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling needs.

airtight construction
wind power

Our designs are ready for renewable energy integration, promoting sustainable living

tree symbol

We prioritise natural materials over plastic alternatives for a healthier living environment

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